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April 2015: A future for Jaco

Finally everything is ready for Jaco: he will be submitted to the surgery that will allow him to recover the functionality of his legs. Jaco, a 7 years old Bushmen child from Mangetti Dune orphanage (Casa Angelo), suffers from his birth from a malformation of the lower limbs that does not allow him to walk properly. Indeed, with the time, the risk that the hip, too much stressed, will have complications is really high. Scintille is closely following the situation from more than two years and after many visits and medical consultations the big moment arrived: in the week between the 8 and the 12 of June, except unforeseen circumstances, a team of Namibians and South Africans doctors will operate Jaco at the Roman Catholic Hospital in Windhoek. Since this is a private operation Scintille, managing the entire organization together with Dr. Melitta Bosshart, has already and will bear the considerable costs involved. To Jaco all our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

June 2015: Mission Completed!

On the 10 of June 2015 Jaco underwent to the surgery. Everything went well and ‘our’ little patient is now back to Mangetti Dune where Dr. Melitta is taking care of him in the delicate post-operative phase.

Scintille, in addition to all its supporters who made all this possible, would like to than in particular:
— Dr. Frielingsdorf and Dr. Du Toit who carried out the delicate operation: despite the heavy commitment they didn’t ask for any fee for their valuable work.
— Mrs. Julia Schoeman: her assistance and patience in responding to all our emails and phone calls allowed us to organize the whole complex operation.
— Dr. Muller, anesthesiologist, and his secretaries Elzet and Geraldine: this team donated its expertise without any fee.
— Mrs. Gertrude, of the Roman Catholic Hospital: her help in managing the hospitalization and the associated bureaucracy.
Finally, a special thanks to Claudia Shivoro: in the two years since the first visit of Jaco until the operation she has been always present and always ready to offer her assistance whenever needed.