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Campaign description

More and more Scintille directs its efforts to directly support, or indirectly through the institutions, Namibian Students in their studies. The basic assumption is that the commitment of our students is always at the highest levels.

September 2020

All the students supported by Scintille are continuing along their studies with excellent results.

Warren Norich (Information Technology at the International Training College of Windhoek), Kuume Eelu (Business Information Systems at the International University of Management in Windhoek) and Rauna Ndalila Embashu (Bachelor of ‘Nursing’ at the University of Namibia at Oshakati) are the Team we wish the most coveted successes to.

November 2019

Our team was joined in November 2019 by Rauna Ndalila Embashu, twenty-one years old girl of Oshakati who aims to qualify as a Professional Nurse through the Degree Course in Nursing at UNAM, University of Namibia.
Scintille supported her by fully paying the university registration fees for 2020.

December 2018: our team

  • Warren Norich: enrolled in the second year of the Information Technology Course at the International Training College in Windhoek, Scintille finances the tuition fees for this worker Student from the very beginning. The excellent results of the exams are the best testimony of Warren’s recognition of Scintille.


  • Kuume Eelu: also for this young Student enrolled in the first year of the Business Information Systems Course at IUM (International University of Management) of Windhoek, Scintille covers all tuition fees.


  • Ashleigh Mogane: Ashley’s dream is to become one of the first commercial woman pilot in Namibia.
    Scintille from August 2018 contributes to the high costs involved for studing for her Commercial Pilot Licence at Eagle Air flight school in Pretoria.


Furthermore, during the year 2018 Scintille contributed, through its partnership with the Diba Charity Trust, to support the Auuns Primary School of Grootfontein in its training programs for about 40 students.