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Campaign description

Scintille and River Of Life

As we have more times emphasized, Scintille is a lay Association. Our associates, therefore like ours “partners”, and the associations or the organizations through which we operate, also have in common with us the aim to contribute to improve the things in the world, for what it is possible. We often meet people who we recognize like ours “similar”, similar in the thoughts and the ideals and that share our dreams. Sometimes these people make part of community or religious movements: that clearly does not prevent us to recognize something special in them and to share with them our way. It’s for example what has happened with River Of Life, when we have known Cinthya, one of the persons of reference of this organization. In Cinthya, who helped us so much to gain the Namibian bureaucracy and to put Scintille in operating conditions in the country, we have recognized our same ideals. For these reasons, Scintille has given a contribute to support River Of Life in its praiseworthy initiatives with a contribution that has been carried out on February.

River of Life: an open heart to the others

River Of Life, also known as Apostolic Faith Mission Khomasdal resolves, amongs the other things, to take care of street kids, undertaking simple but effective initiatives. An example of these initiatives is the organization of meeting moments, during which they distribute warm meals to street kids, who live, in absolute poverty, in the suburbs of Windhoek. During these occasions, the children are also involved in games and jokes, with to other children who have a “regular” family, in order to try to integrate and give them the sense of belonging to one big family. River Of Life has also adopted an orphanage named Megameno Orphanage Home, that supports in every possible way. River Of Life is mainly focused on the school and children education, but obviously it is important to supply them in their primary needs, like food and clothes. Moreover the volunteers of River Of Life, dedicate part of their time just to be present at the orphanage and to be together with all the young hosts.