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Windhoek (Namibia) 17 July 2009.

We have launched another initiative in the spirit that characterizes our association! The school and education are fundamental pillars upon which to build the future.

That is why we gladly responded positively to the request of Claudia Shivoro, young Owambo woman who has decided to resume his studies, to support her in her own dream: to register and attend the course in Tourism at UNISA, the University of South Africa.

Especially her desire to focus on ‘cultural tourism’ based on the rediscovery of many African traditions that are slowly disappearing, impressed and excited us, because Sparks is a strong supporter of the importance of this extraordinary local richness.

Claudia is just at the first year, but his determination and will certainly will give her big fruits in the future. Good luck, Claudia: Sparks will be at your side … 

Thanks from Claudia

This is her letter of thanks to all Scintille supporters:

I want to express my thanks, to SCINTILLE for paying my studies.  I’m a first year student at the University of South Africa studying  through a National Diploma in Tourism.  THANKS again for giving me a second chance in life, AND TO BE AN BENEFICIARY OF YOUR ORGANIZATION.

Claudia Shivoro

June 2010 - Claudia is going on

Claudia is going on with her challenge at the University to achieve her degree. Scintille has consequently proceeded to pay the tuition for her upcoming exams and to purchase the books needed in its preparation.

November 2010 - Claudia first results

Claudia, after getting first results, sended us this message:

Dear Scintille

First of all i want to thank scintille, for investing in me, and make me a better person, for the future. My result for last year are as follows:

Advertising sales and promotion 55 pass
Commercial law 61 pass
Marketing 63 pass
financial accounting 26 fail

I will later at the begin of the year forward you the authentic results ,and registration documents, due a lack of scanning equipment, i can on only do that at the next year at office. I had pass three subject and fail one.

For next year registration which is currently going on, the subject are as follows
Business management level 1
Travel operations
Entrepreunership level 2
Marketing level 2
Tourism development level 2

The total amount of the subject is N$ 9 898.00 The down payment or deposit is N$ 6030.00
you can use the same banking detailes and my student number you used at the prevoius payment.

thanx again for your support scintille

March 2011 - Claudia is going on!

Claudia Shivoro continue with determination in her studies in Tourism Management at UNISA. Scintille  paid the University Fees for 2011 and the text books required for the first half. As further support to the project, Scintille  donated her a computer and a printer, which has been very much appreciated given the limited availability of tools available for students.

January 2012: New Academic Year

SCINTILLE arranged to pay tuition fees and buy textbooks for the Academic Year 2012 to allow Claudia to continue her studies at UNISA, University of South Africa.
In December, Claudia has passed all the four exams in the course of studies in Tourism Management: from all Scintille supporters the wish to go forward in this brilliant way!

Academic Year 2013

SCINTILLE arranged to pay tuition fees and buy textbooks for the Academic Year 2013 to allow Claudia to continue her studies at UNISA, University of South Africa.

Academic Year 2014

SCINTILLE arranged to pay tuition fees and buy textbooks for the Academic Year 2014 to allow Claudia to continue her studies in Tourism Development at UNISA, University of South Africa. Only few exams left…

July 2018: diploma reached, now the Master Degree

Claudia brilliantly obtained the Diploma in Tourism Management in April 2016 and has then decided to
continue, with Scintille’s support, her study path towards the Master’s Degree at UNISA, University of South Africa.
As always, our best wishes!