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Campaign description

This is what Nisa told us full of happiness when we delivered the wheelchair that Scintille designed for her.

When we learned that the young mother of the Bushmen village of Grashoek, who full of pride showed us her newborn in september last year, had suffered a stroke that caused paralysis of the right side of the body, we worked to find a wheelchair adapted to the situation.

What we needed was a wheelchair specially designed for the sandy ground of the Kalahari, with big tyres for not sinking: so with our friend Werner we started looking for it in Windhoek and eventually found a supplier who had the right solution.

After three days we were in Grashoek together with the community, where Scintille donated the wheelchair to Nisa, who with a little ‘shyness and a lot of joy began, driven by the many friends, to move through the village.

For Bushmen social contacts are important, and giving Nisa the opportunity to visit the huts of the village made it possible to start a new step in the difficult path of the recovery.

Another little spark was lit!