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Campaign description

A Namibian couple has collected about 30 children from the streets of Havana, desolate suburb of the slums of Windhoek (Katatura). Among the children there are also some kids with disabilities, who without their support and that of the other children of the ‘House’ would have a very uncertain future. The ‘House’ is currently made up of some shacks in poor condition that especially during the rainy season become almost uninhabitable. SCINTILE, accepting the ‘nth challenge and in the certainty of your support, has begun the operations to build the new housing for the children and to support the whole project.

September 2015: Dormitories Completed!

In September 2015, before the start of the rainy season, the construction of the dormitories for the children of the house has been completed. It has been also built an extra room to accommodate the Namibian Couple who takes care of this important project. Thanks, as always, to the local team who managed to finish the project on time and within the forecasted costs, especially Mr. Mogane and his team of builders.
Special thanks to Paola Prian, Gabriella Piccolo and Loretta Marini who, with their Photographic Exhibition on Namibia held last spring in London, managed to raise the necessary funds to finance the project. Obviously the thanks is extended to all those who, with their participation in the ‘Photographic Exhibition’, made all this possible.

August 2017: A new kitchen

Thanks to the funds received, at the end of August 2017 we completely reconstructed the dilapidated building that served as a kitchen for the asylum. In its back, it was also possible to obtain a shelter for food and furnishings. Needless to say, hygiene conditions during meal preparation have finally been improved. A big thank, as always, to the local builder Mogane and his team of masons who carried out the project.