On September 25, Lucia and Mario, two of Scintille’ s dear members since its birth, got married. This is the mail they sent:

Dear Gianluca
How are you? Are you in Namibia or in Italy?
We are Mario and Lucia ….
Well, in short, we got married last Saturday, after nearly 10 years of cohabitation.
For us it was a very important moment, and a starting point for our future as husband and wife.
We asked to the guests at our wedding not to make us presents but, if they so wished, to participate with us in supporting some associations that deal with children.
One of these could not be other than SCINTILLE.
So you will find attached the copy of the bank transfer in favor of Scintille that we, together with our friends, would like to devolve to the project “Grow Together Kindergarten”. Obviously, if in the meantime the project had already been successfully completed, devolve the amount to what you feel is most important among the activities in place.
Now we are leaving for Australia … well-deserved honeymoon.
We’ll wait to hear from you, and get the latest news on the project “kindergarten”.

A hug
Mario and Lucia

Thank you very much, Lucia and Mario, by Scintille. We wish you a happy and exciting journey together into the future.


We finally managed to organize a trip through Europe for four Bushmen from Namibia! The tour, which will see our friends visiting England, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark and Germany, started July 1, 2010 and will end in early September.
The main target of this project is to show to the Bushmen some images of the European culture, with its many strengths and weaknesses.
Scintille sponsors the visit to Italy, where the Bushmen will be guests for a whole week, and has organized a series of encounters and cultural exchange meetings.
The most important are:

– Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 of July 2010 – Summer Festival at Belvedere Fogliense (PU): Introduction to the Bushmen culture by Luca Massalini and meeting with the Bushmen.

– Monday 19 of July –OLTREMARE (RN): we will be guests, thanks to infinite sensibility of the President Dr. Leandro Stanzani, at OLTREMARE, the famous park located neraby the Adriatic Riviera. Again, in the afternoon, there will be a meeting on the Bushmen culture and traditions.

During the stay in Italy there will be several visits to local economic realities, such as the company Francesco Bartolucci Srl located in Borgo Massano (PU), famous for its production of wooden toys and objects. We thank Bartolucci family for the huge support given to the whole project.

On the air with RADIO 24

Gianluca Massalini, as President of our Association, talked during an interview with Radio24, speaking about Scintille, our mission, our principles, and our goals. The interview will be on line around Christmas, inside a special that Radio24 realized about Solidarity and Voluntary Service.

As soon as possible more details



Scintille is our Association of social solidarity.
By Scintille, that means ‘sparks’, we want to propose a new way of talking about solidarity, rejecting both assistenzialism and presumption of applying standard models, ignoring local realities and traditions. At the mean time we reject the classic models of the big international NGO: we don’t think to change the world but we hold out our hands for trying to solve small and important problems that everyday we have in front of us.

We are not professionals of NGO’s, but we are professionals in organization and entrepreneurship.

We don’t want to change the world, but we know that, step by step, with humility and tenacity we can make a lot, every time looking to the reality in front of us, to concrete problems, to the present…

We work in Africa, at present in Namibia, but the world is too big to be circumscribed to only one place..