Scintille is our Association of social solidarity.
By Scintille, that means ‘sparks’, we want to propose a new way of talking about solidarity, rejecting both assistenzialism and presumption of applying standard models, ignoring local realities and traditions. At the mean time we reject the classic models of the big international NGO: we don’t think to change the world but we hold out our hands for trying to solve small and important problems that everyday we have in front of us.

We are not professionals of NGO’s, but we are professionals in organization and entrepreneurship.

We don’t want to change the world, but we know that, step by step, with humility and tenacity we can make a lot, every time looking to the reality in front of us, to concrete problems, to the present…

We work in Africa, at present in Namibia, but the world is too big to be circumscribed to only one place..

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