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Scintille is a lay association and opened to everybody. We operate mainly in Namibia.


Like sparks, our interventions, our activities, our plans must be small, incisive, fast and precious. The framework of our activities:
– the school
– the education, especially oriented to women
– concrete, material, immediate aids: small, simple but now.


In deep respect of the existing traditions.
Enhancing the traditions and not distorting them.
Together with local communities and other associations with the same philosophy of Scintille.
Always considering the human dignity as the primary value.


We address to the children, the women, to real poor, to those that do not have nothing to lose, those who live the present and that cannot hope in the future because they do not know if they will have future.


– We propose a new way of cooperation. “THEY” at the centre of everything.
– First we listen then we collaborate: stop to the typical presumption of having every time something to teach.
– We “give” but “we receive equally”. We must be aware of this.
– Stop to the professionals of the cooperation: too much often they form a chaste closed in its own world, too much often everything is transformed in pure charity, without giving real perspectives.


The Founder Members of Scintille are 4,
and are all currently the members of the Board of Directors of the Association.

Gianluca Massalini

Gianluca Massalini

Born in Pesaro in 1962, electronic engineer, he boasts a long managerial experience, having been for many times at the head of important Italian companies. After more than a decade of direct presence in companies, from 1999 he is a consultant in Organization and Business Management. Deep connoisseur and lover of Africa, as well as of every ‘different’ culture, today he lives between Namibia and Italy.
Rodolfo Vignocchi

Rodolfo Vignocchi

Born in Modena in 1953, engineer, he’s person of reference in the Italian industrial panorama from nearly 30 years. In his career he has been first founding member and then President and CEO of some of the most important Service Companies in the northern area of Italy. Currently professional and member of Antilia, a company which, among others, has the aim to promote the juvenile entrepreneurial development in Italy.
Davide Boni

Davide Boni

Born in Castelfranco Emilia (Modena), in 1965, he is doctor in Economics. Expert in marketing and communication, from nearly twenty years he’s covering executive functions in some of most known Service Companies in Emilia Romagna, in particular in the ‘Information technology’ sector.
Anna Rita Roncuzzi

Anna Rita Roncuzzi

is member of the Board of Directors and takes care of all the legal aspects of the Association.
Born in Forlì in 1961, she is member of one of the most important lawyers studio in Bologna and boasts long experience in the lawyer-administrative-business field.
You haven’t lived today until you’ve done Something for someone who cannot pay you back.
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