The basic principles on which our projects are based are few and simple, reflecting our entrepreneurial culture, our personal story and the reality we live every day during our professional activity in Italy, Europe and Africa.


We think that it’s a big mistake trying to reconstruct elsewhere our western world, our society and our machineries.

We don’t consider this the price to pay for better living. We believe that it’s extremely important that populations living in difficult conditions could really improve their life without upsetting their habits and traditions. We don’t want to clone in Africa or elsewhere our western world, but we think that it’s dutiful to put at these communities disposal the possibility to live better remaining themselves. It’ s our conviction that progress and development must go on, but respecting local traditions and aptitudes of different populations. So, first of all, we try to listen and understand, to live together with communities, and then we put at their disposal our competencies and our support to create together a better prospect of life.


Always and from so long time, women are the basis of society.

This is more true, strong and evident in Africa. Often children maintenance, economic support and education are completely in woman’s hand.

Excellent examples in several development projects have already proved that is winning to bet on women, on their determination and will-power. We too believe in all this, and in fact we are analysing the complex women’s reality present in Africa, in particular in Namibia: we want to give our support to their progress.


All our experiences have always proved that, here or elsewhere, in Europe or in Africa, an ‘imposed’ project without involving direct beneficiaries in its design and realisation, will certainly fail, or almost will last only for a short time. This is why we try to design, plan and develop our projects together with local communities.

We want first of all to understand and learn directly from them which are the priorities, ties, difficulties and points of strength of their own context, because only them can know it deeply.


Youth’s education is basilar for creating the basis of a well organized society and able of assuring welfare to all the population.
We pay a lot of attention to young people, who often are the only way for creating a better future. In a country like Namibia, for example, a country with huge AIDS problems, villages exist in which only kids live, where the labour-force is completely vanished, where the middle-age population has been completely cancelled….

We must give to all these kids the possibility of studying, to discover again their own roots, their own traditions, to learn a profession and to become adults and independent.