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Back to Moria Grace Shelter

Last January we came back to visit Wilhelmine at Moria Grace Shelter. During these few moths from our first meeting, a lot of things happened. Looking at “Girl who was born two times”, (do you remember her ?) we realize how fast the time ran away.Last August, this little girl was just arrived, she was a little baby, just picked up and taken under the warm hug of Wilhelmine. Now she’s a little girl, perfectly integrated in the new family. All the family, really, became bigger! Today we count 48 children, against the 33 that the shelter hosted until August.

Work in progress at the Shelter

All the building works began, to set up a new building, that will host the Shelter. The great help of a German Foundation, that sponsoorized the initiative, allowed the start up of every operation.The new building will be bigger than the actual one and it will provide to small rooms of 2 or 4 beds for all the girls and bigger rooms with more beds for children.
Today, at the shelter, unfortunately it’s not possible to distinguish between children and girls, because of the tiny space, so the same room must be shared between children and older boys and girls.

The opening of this new building is foreseen for the end of this year!

Wilhelmine already invited Scintille for this great event !

Looking at the future

In this occasion too, Scintille renewed its support to Moria Grace Shelter.
Scintille philosophy is focused on the extreme importance of training and school. Where possible, we mean where all basic needs are already satisfied, it’s very important for us, to work in this direction, looking at the future, giving to this boys and girls the possibilities to build up their own future, better than their past.

For this reason, Scintille looks forward and together with Wilhelmine we would like to start the future from today, and assure a shining tomorrow to the Center, also after Wilhelmine. With this aim, we decided together with her, to finance a Professional Training Course, addressed to develope the use and knowledge of the Computer for three young girls, now guests of the shelter, because they could be the future heirs of Wilhelmine