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Campaign description

During a trip between Namibia and Angola, we met Uaaroma, a strong Owambo teacher who runs and teaches at Iipinge Diod Preprimary School, a preprimary situated in the deep bush. Her determination and preparation conviced us, in the name of Scintille, to join her and support her project.

As promised to the Teacher Uaaroma, Scintille started supporting Iipinge Diod Preprimary School, the preprimary situated in the deep bush. Despite the masonry building, the children sat and did their homework on the floor, or at best on ground bricks. Scintille bought the material and managed the project for the construction of wooden chairs and tables, but with the iron tubular infrastructure. In this way, fixing the structures with cement on the floor, there is no risk that at night somebody will try to steal the valuable supplies …. A special thanks to Maya, our esteemed friend who with his valuable on-site collaboration was able to guarantee the success of this project.

September 2018: our chalckboard

In September 2018 Scintille delivered and installed the blackboard for the school, thanks to the precious help of our Friend Maya. Finally Uaaroma, the Teacher, and the children can write on a suitable support rather than on the ground or on the walls.