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Campaign description

Support mobility for the elderly

The chronic lack of tools to support mobility for the elderly in northern Namibia, and in particular in Owamboland, made Scintille start a project to acquire and deliver devices that can be useful to improve the situation.
This is why the first two walkers were handed over to Tate Kuru Marius in July 2019 and two wheelchairs are currently being delivered to the Traditional Kwambi Authority (November 2019).

With the proceeding of funding collection we are sure to be able to contribute even more to this noble project.

July 2020 

Given the high appreciation of the delivery of the first two wheelchairs to the Kwambi Traditional Authority in November 2019, the project continued with the delivery of a third in July 2020.

In the same month, Scintille proceeded to entrust an additional wheelchair to gwaaLasa, an elderly resident of the Oshaadja village and unable to walk due to a severe form of diabetes. With this help, the grandchildren can finally take her around the village and her happiness in finally reconnecting her social relations was infinite!