On September 25, Lucia and Mario, two of Scintille’ s dear members since its birth, got married. This is the mail they sent:

Dear Gianluca
How are you? Are you in Namibia or in Italy?
We are Mario and Lucia ….
Well, in short, we got married last Saturday, after nearly 10 years of cohabitation.
For us it was a very important moment, and a starting point for our future as husband and wife.
We asked to the guests at our wedding not to make us presents but, if they so wished, to participate with us in supporting some associations that deal with children.
One of these could not be other than SCINTILLE.
So you will find attached the copy of the bank transfer in favor of Scintille that we, together with our friends, would like to devolve to the project “Grow Together Kindergarten”. Obviously, if in the meantime the project had already been successfully completed, devolve the amount to what you feel is most important among the activities in place.
Now we are leaving for Australia … well-deserved honeymoon.
We’ll wait to hear from you, and get the latest news on the project “kindergarten”.

A hug
Mario and Lucia

Thank you very much, Lucia and Mario, by Scintille. We wish you a happy and exciting journey together into the future.