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Campaign description

Up to now in the Bushmen village of Grashoek existed only shops run by people of others ethnic groups where to buy food and, especially, alcohol. Often prices in these shops are very high, given the impossibility for Bushmen to buy supplies elsewhere.

The idea of building a shop that sells only food and essential supplies (flour, sugar, aspirin, canned meat, … ..), but not alcohol, at honest prices came a few months ago to !Nämsce and Nune, two dear friends of the Bushmen village. During an evening spent together around the campfire they expressed their desire, along with fears related to their lack of experience in the field of ‘business’.

So, we had several meetings where we discussed the basic elements necessary for the realization of their project: from the steps to register the business to the opening of a bank account, from the book-keeping to the stocks management, from the creation of prices to the drafting of contracts with wholesale suppliers…..

The last meeting in November in Grootfontein, where we visited together the largest wholesaler in the area, sanctioned the official start of the project, with the enthusiasm palpable by the two future entrepreneurs.

Scintille, in addition to all the support given in all stages of the project, has supported this important initiative donating 2,000.00 N$ for the purchase of the first products

A big good luck to !Nämsce and Nune, together with an immense thank you to our friend Werner, who has worked hard with us for the birth of this new initiative.