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Campaign description

With a donation of 10.000,00 N$ the project for building two “donkey cart” has already started. These means of transportation of people and goods will be then used by the two neighbouring communities of Sawmill and Omatako, who have a dramatic need of ‘transport solutions’.

Sawmill: the people from Sawmill are situated 26km from Mangetti Dune where the nearest shop, school (and hostel) and clinic is situated. They thus have to walk 52km to attend the clinic or to buy food. Water is not a problem at Sawmill, because there is a borehole and the government currently supplies 25litres of diesel for the engine to pump water. The community consists of 8 families (35 people).

Omatako: Because of the influx of cattle farmers in Omatako (mostly Herero and Damara speaking farmers) some of the San had to move their crop fields further away from the village to protect their crops from the cattle destroying it. Therefore a project was started to establish their crop fields 18km from Omatako. The problem is that the nearest water point to the crop field is 5km away. So they have to fetch water over there. The nearest clinic, shop and school (and hostel) is at Omatako, 18km away.

This project is being carried out in collaboration with Herman Oosthuizen, pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church, who lives in Mangetti Dune. With Herman, we identified the person who can there build the two donkey-cart: he’s Stefanus Josef, a San mechanic who is able to design them with all the know how requested in these arid and harsh envirments. Involving Stefanus in our project we will give impulse to his new entrepreneural future.

Scintille has already delivered to Herman the money needed for the project.

28 April 2008: Great success in Sawmill !

It’s still night when I leave the capital Windhoek in this ending autumn Saturday. The direction is north-east, along the well known road to Mangetti Dune. Tomorrow we will officially deliver the first of the two donkey carts that Scintille made build in the new-born mechanic workshop of Mangetti. So here I am, when the dawn arrives and I’m busy trying to avoid kudus and warthogs grossing the road.
I reach Mangetti Dune in the late afternoon, where Herman welcomes me with one of his huge hug. He coordinated Scintille’s project for the creation of a workshop locally. We simply ordered the first two donkey carts, so giving Sthephanus, the mechanic, the possibility to crown his entrepreneural project of having his own workshop starting with a good jobbing.

Ready to delivery

With Herman and his wife Elna we plan the next day: first of all we’ll go to meet Stephamus at his workshop and then we’ll tow the donkey cart to Sawmill, the village which will receive this so preciuos gift. Taken all agreements and greeted Herman and Elna, I run to Melitta, the Doctor of Mangetti, who as usual welcomes me as if it was only from the day before that we didn’t meet. The dinner it’s almost ready, but first I want to go to Casa Angelo, the orphanage, to give a big hug to all the kids there. They are having the evening shower, so I partecipate to all their plays and screams. Everytime I come here I’m surprised of their serenity and happiness………..
During the dinner with Melitta we talk about things happening in Bushmenland and all projects running there. I give her the box full of clothes that I brought from Italy, thank to the support of all Scintille’s friends: I know she will use them at best, avoiding just donating them and so respecting the dignity of people living here.

Now it's the great day !

The important day of the deliver of the donkey cart at last arrived. With Hermnan we go to Stephanus workshop where we find him and his two assistants in front of the cart proudly waiting for us. I give them my best compliments, because the building quality is really incredible: they made really a good job! We can give a look at the second cart too: it’s not finished yet, because they are waiting for some missing material from Grootfontein, the closest city at 2,5 hours from there. We tow then the donkey cart to Sawmill, a village 26 km from Mangetti, where all the local community welcomes us with happiness and joy: all kids running around and men and women shaking our hands and wanting to personally meet us………..
The headman, Bimbi, officially thanks Scintille for this important gift, explaining that it will be really useful. They had to walk for 26 km to reach Mnagetti hospital and shops and this, esepcially for pregnant mothers needing health controls there, was difficult. They will use the donkey cart for transporting stuff too, making everything easier for this small community (30 persons more or less). When the sunset is arriving we all gather around the donkey cart for the last photos and hugs. Saying goodbye we promise each other that the next time I will travel in Bushmenland we will meet again, so that Bimbi and his people will once again share their joy with Scintille.

Update - Donkey Cart at Omatako 22-24 August 2008

During the wonderful morning of the 23 of august 2008 the second donkey cart made by Stephanus with funds raised by Scintille was delivered to the Bushmen community of Omatako. Waiting for us, along with Hermann and Elna, was the complete village and the delivery ceremony has been really exciting. Matthias, the local chief, thanked Scintille in the name of his people and explained the donkey cart will be crucial for developing the project of moving all crops 18 km from the village. This as a result of the problems with local farmers and their livestock who regularly destroys crops nearby the village.

Until yesterday everything was transported to and from the new fields by hands: from today this community has a mean of transport which will help them to reach his goal.