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Our football World Cup

For a long time Romanus, the policeman who often greets us with his smile at veterinary gate on the C44 towards Tsumkwe, asked us to support the football team of his village.

Children there does not have many opportunities for practicing sports and often spend their time in bars (shebeen), where the greatest soon start drinking ……

It has been sufficient to describe the situation to Francesco and Grazia, the owners of our supporter firm Bartolucci Francesco SrL, for receiving 22 wonderful football t-shirts with the logo of Scintille and that of their company.

On the 18 of march Scintille delivered them to Romanus: immediately the two teams have been created and the game began. The numerous spectators supported both teams with a spectacular feast!

As usual pics show better than words the happiness of the whole community!

Their Football Worl Cup, thanks to our supporters, has alredy started…